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CCYP Engagement Toolbox

As valued citizens of our community, children and young people have unique, diverse, and important perspectives that can enrich our understanding of almost all aspects of civic life.

If we’re going to encourage children and young people to participate in shaping their communities, we need to ensure we ‘keep it real’ when engaging with them.

To support government stakeholders, educators and teachers, parents and carers, and community and corporate organisations to engage more effectively with children and young people, the Commissioner has devised an Engagement Toolbox. It includes a Field Guide to inspire and guide the planning, processing and delivery of strategies and activities that will engage children and young people in the decisions and actions that impact on them, in response to their needs, desires and aspirations, both now and into the future.

The Field Guide includes:

–  Principles of Respect, Emergence, Authenticity, and Listening.
–  The Process: Think, Plan, Do, Distil, Check.
–  Links to proven youth engagement resources.

How to Engage with Children and Young People

CCYP’s Jasmine Wrangles is an expert on ways to genuinely engage with children and young people. Watch the 40-minute webinar hosted by YourSAy to learn best practice when it comes to gathering the thoughts of children and young people and the fresh perspectives they provide on issues relevant to them and their lives.

Civics Directory

You can search the Civics Directory on this website to find other helpful information relating to different approaches you can take to engage more effectively with young people.
Check it out via the link below:

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A-Z of CCYP Resources

To find out what young people have been saying on a full range of issues that matter to them most, visit the A-Z of CCYP Resources on the SA Commissioner for Children and Young People’s website. It’s where you’ll find a complete list of project reports, survey summaries, fact sheets, issues briefs, position briefs, and guides containing information about what South Australian children and young people have told their Commissioner would make their lives better, on a whole range of issues from climate change to mental health.

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