yChange is South Australia’s first curriculum aligned, project based, action civics resource for primary & secondary school educators.

Developed by South Australia’s Commissioner for Children and Young People, with signficant input from students, educators and civic experts, yChange has been designed to empower young South Australians with the attitudes, skills and knowledge they need to become active, responsible citizens. yChange is not a political resource, nor is it intended to be a social change project resource.

The focus of yChange is to build connections and relationships between young people and their community through development and implementation of a yChange project devised by participating students. This is achieved with guidance and support from teachers, the school and the broader community with whom the project group are encouraged to interact to progress their project goal.

yChange has a Teacher’s Handbook with Lessons Plans so that it is easy for educators to follow the five step action civics journey students go on. Below is a series of videos which are integrated into the Lesson Plans at relevant places, highlighted here to showcase some of the course material.

yChange has it’s own dedicated website where all resources can be downloaded FREE.
Access it here

Above: An Overview of yChange and the 5 Step Learning Journey

Above: YChange Lesson 1 Intro to Governance
Types of Government

Above: yChange Lesson 1 Intro to Governance – International Governance (Extended Resource)

Above: yChange Lesson 4 Root Cause – Individual and/or Systemic? 

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