Civics Awards

There are numerous opportunities for educators to support young South Australians to enter and achieve awards for their civics and citizenship participation, projects, initiatives and activities. They include the Governor’s Civic Awards and South Australia’s Young Citizen of the Year Award to name just two. Click on the headings below to find out more about each and encourage your students to apply.

Governor’s Civic Awards for Schools

The Governor’s Civics Awards for Schools is a cross-sector initiative to develop student awareness and skills as active and informed citizens in a multicultural and democratic society. The initiative involves an annual competition conducted by the Department for Education and guided by the Governor’s Civics Awards for Schools Reference Group.

In the individual category, students respond to a history and/or civics question. In the group category, schools submit the work of a school group in the area of civic involvement. The schools category invites schools to nominate their civics and citizenship education program as an example of outstanding practice.

Young Citizen of the Year Award

Nominate yourself or another outstanding young person you know for a South Australian Young Citizen of the Year Award.

Young Citizen of the Year Awards are presented at Australia Day events in Councils across South Australia. The Awards acknowledge the young unsung heroes of our community who, through their contributions, make our state a better place. These young people offer outstanding service each day and through their efforts enable South Australian communities to improve and prosper. State Award winners are eligible for the Australian Young Citizen of the Year Award.

Department of Human Services Aboriginal Achievement Award

Everybody has a story…Young Aboriginal people are using their stories and life experiences to build their community and encourage others to strive for their dreams. These passionate and dedicated young Aboriginal people make a real difference to our South Australian communities. The Department of Human Services Aboriginal Achievement Award acknowledges and congratulates their commitment to achieving excellence. The award recognises contributions to the Aboriginal and/or broader community, barriers overcome, leadership skills and cultural achievements.

Department of Human Services Pride Award

Whether it is through community leadership, pursuing inclusion in society, or outstanding achievements in their field, LGBTIQA+ young people make incredible contributions to South Australia. This award aims to shine the light on the accomplishments of young LGBTIQA+ South Australians who inspire the people around them and strive to make South Australia a better place. The Award recognises contributions to LGBTIQA+ communities and to society as a whole, including leadership and exceptional performance

The Muriel Matters Awards

The Muriel Matters Awards aim to identify and recognise young people in our schools who show the qualities of self-initiative, determination to make a difference despite personal challenges and a commitment to make the world a better place for all. The awards profile and recognise the work and life of Muriel Matters, a South-Australian born suffragist, educator and social reformer who made a difference in the early 20th century through her work and activism to further the rights and freedoms of women, promote universal access to education and have careers open to talent.

7News Young Achiever Awards

The 7NEWS Young Achiever Awards acknowledge, encourage and – most importantly – promote the positive achievements of young people throughout South Australia. All South Australian young people under the age of 30 are eligible to apply for the Award.

The 7NEWS Young Achiever Awards:
• Encourage involvement in local communities
• Recognise role models and their significant community contribution
• Reward dedicated young Australian’s who are making a difference

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