There are Media Monsters Everywhere. They’re even reading this right now!

Every day we interact with endless media all around us: pictures, articles, T.V. shows, podcasts, advertisements, social media posts, and headlines just to name a few. It’s become an overwhelming roar of information and it is all driven by an agenda: the desire for more clicks, attention, money, to generate buzz, or even spread misinformation.

We choose the ways in which we interact with media, and sometimes, we make choices that turn us each into our own special kind of monstrosity— by not checking sources or by believing every salacious headline without reading the article or by sharing unsubstantiated conspiracy theories. We can all act like Media Monsters. It’s as if we have no brain for thinking but one thousand hands for sharing. And in our monster state, we spread the behavior and turn other people into monsters, too.

Luckily, there’s a cure that can turn us all back into humans: recognizing and declaring ourselves Media Monsters.

Media Monsters is a campaign that aims to raise awareness of media literacy and critical thinking.

You can find out more about the Media Monsters here.